Client Reviews

Frei, Mims and Perushek are excellent advocates for medical malpractice victims. Willing to take the challenging cases, not just the easy cases.

- Anonymous ★★★★★

Frei, Mims and Perushek is very experienced, strategy-oriented, and attentive counsel. Adept at minimizing unnecessary drama and achieving a successful resolution in a professional manner, minimizing the burden on those they represent.

- Mary Giblin ★★★★★

Frei, Mims and Perushek represented us in the wrongful death case of our 10 year old son. They stood by us every step of the way, advocating for our family. They were professional, knowledgeable in malpractice law, and very empathetic. They fought with us against the insurance company as if they were part of our family too. When things got tough, they got tougher until we came to a satisfactory settlement. I would highly recommend them.

- Tarek El Bourini ★★★★★

As a medical-legal consultant, it is a pleasure working with the attorneys at Frei, Mims and Perushek. They conduct themselves at the highest professional and ethical standards.

- Anonymous ★★★★★

Frei, Mims and Perushek and the partners in it are competent, intelligent, and very effective litigators. In my two cases with them, they have been professional and courteous and have been highly effective for their clients. They learn fast, and they work hard for the results and are willing to spend both treasure and effort to accomplish a positive result for their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Frei, Mims and Perushek, and I would be very happy to work with them on future cases.

- Robert Reiter,Principal-Reiter & Reiter Consulting, Inc. ★★★★★

After a very serious accident where I was hit by a car while standing on a sidewalk, Gary Mims and Matt Perushek of Frei, Mims and Perushek spent approximately three years fighting for my recovery from several responsible parties. They were extremely thorough, experienced, sensitive, knowledgeable, and diligent. I also appreciate that they approached my case ethically and with respect for our opponents and the court system. They also took time to explain all of my options and how the law worked and were very responsive to my requests and questions. I have experience with large law firms and would hold Gary and Matt up to any of them. I would highly recommend Frei, Mims and Perushek for any personal injury case.

- Lisa Schneider ★★★★★

I have the highest praise for the work Gary Mims and Matt Perushek did for my case. They were thorough, diligent, attentive, extremely knowledgeable and personable. They pursued my case vigorously, but always with a professional and ethical approach to the issues. I was very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of this type of legal counsel.

- Lisa S. ★★★★★

My wife and I were referred to the Law Firm of Frei, Mims, and Perushek LLP after the wrongful death of our almost 11 year old son. We were still raw from the pain, had no experience with personal injury/malpractice attorneys but we knew we needed closure for our family’s loss. From the moment we sat down with Gary Mims and Matt Perushek for our initial consultation, we knew we made the right decision. They knew what we were going through. They empathize with our experience because they helped so many other families that went through a similar situation. This made us feel even more assured. They kept us informed throughout the process, always professional, knowledgeable about this type of law. They placed us in the optimal position to win our case. At the end, we arrived at a decision that we could of never achieved without the determination and skill of Gary and Matt. They were our biggest advocates. Our family thanks them greatly!!! Their work on our behalf has closed a chapter in coping with our son’s loss and it will help us continue in our healing process.

- Tarek El Bourini ★★★★★

Mr. Mims, we just wanted to send you a note to let you know that our son received his final annuity check a few weeks ago, upon turning 30 years old. You and your wonderful team helped us so much in 2004, after we lost our (other) son due to a car accident…now the case is officially closed. We just wanted to say thank you again and hope you are well.

- Terri and John ★★★★★

Attorney Steven Frei and his staff were a God-send to me and my 88 yr. old uncle. My uncle was severely injured for the rest of his life, as a passenger in an automobile accident. I live in Miami, FL and the accident happened in Fairfax, VA. Mr. Frei came highly recommended from attorney's in Florida. Mr. Frei resolved our lawsuit this month July 2014 extremely satisfactory. I am so grateful to Mr. Frei and his law team for their expertise, for being so thorough, considerate, patient and truly caring about his client (my uncle) in order to reach justice and the proper/fair restitution for damages my uncle suffered from then, now and the rest of his life. Mr. Frei is a true professional and gentleman with integrity...NOT easily found in today's society. I know because I have worked with many attorney's throughout my life, being a professional business person and I know the difference. That is "why" I am taking the time to write this help other's in need, seeking an EXCELLENT attorney and law firm. I "highly" recommend Attorney Steven Frei and his law firm.

- Michele & Jack ★★★★★

Our auto liability case just settled and we are happy that our representation was superior and exceeded our expectations. Steve and his associate Matt took our case even though it was a week from the filing due date and it wasn't particularly big bucks. At trial, we got 30% more than the insurance co offered. They both showed excellent judgement as all of their recommendations were spot-on. At all times, they prepared and discussed our concerns thoroughly, keeping us well informed. I work closely with many top lawyers for more than two decades and can be fairly critical and meticulous, probably more so than their peers would say, so its no small matter to say I found their work to be very competently done and I highly recommend him.

- Tom ★★★★★

My husband and I were very pleased with the professional way Gary Mims and Matthew Perushek represented my medical malpractice case. We had a difficult time getting other lawyers to listen to us. Gary and Matthew took it on with great persistence and followed through to the end with good results. I would highly recommend them for any medical malpractice issues. They were the best!

- Amy Shaffer ★★★★★

Matthew Perushek represented my family in a matter last year, and we were very satisfied with the outcome. Matt was very knowledgeable and made sure that we understood the entire process. He was prompt in responding to our questions, and his demeanor inside and outside of the courtroom was extremely professional. I would highly recommend Matt Perushek and his firm for any legal needs.

- Kelly Hartle ★★★★★

Trusted advice and guidance when you need it most: Gary Mims of Frei, Mims and Perushek, provided outstanding help and guidance through a difficult, emotional and often complex process. When we first thought we might need legal assistance we reached out to several attorneys that we found on the internet and Gary stood out from all the rest: he explained the situation and process ahead in simple terms that we were able to understand. Others used legal and complex technical jargon or refused to consider our case until we had committed to their process and fees. Right from the very first meeting over 2 years ago Gary’s understanding and supportive approach was a great comfort to both of us. Subsequently Gary and his assistant have always been one step ahead and always been available to address any concerns or explain the process, be that via email, telephone or in person. Indeed, we were not in the US for the final 6 months of the process but this presented no problems to Gary. While we hope not to need legal support in the future, if we did, Gary Mims would most certainly be our first, and only, choice. 10 out of 10, thank you

- Colonel Jeremy Johnson ★★★★★

Please accept this letter as a thank you for the representation of (name withheld) in what I know was a somewhat problematic case regarding causality ... I want to commend you for salvaging ... the case, which was not well handled up until the time that you accepted it.

- A New York Personal Injury Attorney Who Referred a Case to Gary Mims ★★★★★

Gary Mims represented me as my attorney with an issue I had last year. Working with Gary was a pleasure. He was very understanding about my situation, and it was affirming to talk to him. He had a good grasp not only of the legal issues, but the technical issues with my case. Other attorneys I had approached were less receptive because they were not familiar with my particular issue; Gary was. He was professional, empathetic, and a zealous advocate. I was very pleased with how he handled my case.

Gary worked with us through a very sensitive, emotional situation. He took the time to really understand our thoughts and feelings. He was caring at the same time that he was very strategic and smart about how to handle our case. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome, and I can't recommend him highly enough.

- Lisa Ramish ★★★★★

This is the ‘go to’ firm in Northern Virginia for personal injury law. They did a fabulous job for us. I would highly recommend them. They definitely went above and beyond for us with a great result.

- Christine Bates ★★★★★

I had a wonderful experience with Gary Mims. We won our case but what made it better was how seamless the whole process was. They were professional, honest and had a good sense of humor about things. I would definitely recommend them for anyone in need of assistance.

- Robert Paul ★★★★★

Matt Perushek is a wonderful attorney. Very professional and dedicated to his clients. We had a lot of twists and turns and he helped me stay calm and focused. He was an excellent advocate in court and despite what might be considered lack of good faith in negotiations from the other side we ended up with the best of all possible outcomes. I also had a wonderful experience with one of the partners, Gary Mims, who assisted us in one of the court appearances. All in all, yI couldn't have received better legal assistance. An excellent firm!

- Helene Longden ★★★★★

Based upon recommendations from several friends in Northern Virginia, I hired Gary Mims to represent me in a legal matter. I had no former experience with the legalities surrounding my circumstances and was not sure what to expect. Gary provided the guidance and knowledge I needed and led me through the process to a successful outcome. I will continue to recommend Gary to friends in need of a talented attorney.

- Kathleen Odonnell ★★★★★

Matthew Perushek represented my family in a matter last year, and we were very satisfied with the outcome. Matt was very knowledgeable and made sure that we understood the entire process. He was prompt in responding to our questions, and his demeanor inside and outside of the courtroom was extremely professional. I would highly recommend Matt Perushek and his firm for any legal needs.

- Kelly Hartle ★★★★★