Our Approach

Small Caseload -- Every case we take is treated seriously, which means we must be highly selective in the cases we accept.  This creed has helped us achieve consistent success for our clients.

Your Case is Unique: While your case will be similar to others we've handled, we won't apply a standard formula to your case. At Frei, Mims and Perushek, each case is unique and we execute a fresh analysis of your problem and then prepare a plan tailored to achieve the results you deserve.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare -- A small caseload enables us to execute extraordinary preparation of evidence, witnesses, legal research, exhibits and more as part of our representation. We have found there is no substitute for thorough preparation.

Preeminent Experts -- The more than 100 years of experience among our attorneys has helped our firm network with top experts around the country. We commit considerable resources to identify the best experts for the specifics of your case.

Vigorous -- Our firm as a whole, and each attorney individually, will aggressively pursue the results you seek. You will receive an honest appraisal of your case and a commitment to achieve closure as efficiently as possible. There are times when it is best to avoid litigation and times when justice will only be obtained through trial. We will adopt the approach that is best, not for us, but for you.

Frei, Mims and Perushek is your determined partner for justice.

Client Reviews
Gary Mims represented me as my attorney with an issue I had last year. Working with Gary was a pleasure. He was very understanding about my situation, and it was affirming to talk to him. He had a good grasp not only of the legal issues, but the technical issues with my case. Other attorneys I had approached were less receptive because they were not familiar with my particular issue; Gary was. He was professional, empathetic, and a zealous advocate. I was very pleased with how he handled my case... Lisa Ramish
This is the ‘go to’ firm in Northern Virginia for personal injury law. They did a fabulous job for us. I would highly recommend them. They definitely went above and beyond for us with a great result. Christine Bates
Trusted advice and guidance when you need it most: Gary Mims of Frei, Mims and Perushek, provided outstanding help and guidance through a difficult, emotional and often complex process. When we first thought we might need legal assistance we reached out to several attorneys that we found on the internet and Gary stood out from all the rest: he explained the situation and process ahead in simple terms that we were able to understand...While we hope not to need legal support in the future, if we did, Gary Mims would most certainly be our first, and only, choice. 10 out of 10, thank you Colonel Jeremy Johnson